While pampering you, Jeri customizes a stress management program to help you become a "cool, collected, “I can handle it” bride!"

Working with Jeri, you will overcome any bridezilla  meltdowns- as Jeri points out that” what is on your mind is on your face”© try this… look into the mirror and make a demanding worried fearful face…now …..think “I can handle this” then  smile and voila! Looks good, right!

This is but a little taste of bridal coaching!

To achieve your desired results, Jeri will provide you with:

  • Simple exercises to look good, feel confident, and in control

  • Breathing & meditation techniques to relax, calm, energize, refresh, reduce anxiety, frustration

  • Routines on how to get a good night's sleep

  • The keys to effectively communicate with your groom, parents, in-laws, bridal party, and wedding professionals

  • Realistic time management

  • Essential Tips & Topics from FOODS to FUN

Jeri reminds you that, "THIS IS YOUR DAY! If you have pre-wedding jitters, together we can eliminate them! If you just want to practice your walk down the aisle and master the art of taking glamorous photographs, we can do that too! This will be our little secret!"

One client called her stress management training "PRE-NUPTIAL LAMAZE." Others call Jeri Kadison, Bridal Coach©, and “THE WEDDING WIZARD", who whisks away your worries from wedding planning to wedding bells!